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Influencer Marketing

 The brief 

Robert Dyas is on a mission to help people create a home they love by sharing inspiration and ideas on how to make the most of every situation life throws our way. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this even more relevant and people are looking for new excuses to make the most of their homes. Tapping into a (hugely) popular cultural movement, we were briefed to develop an influencer campaign that inspired followers to create the ultimate at-home set-up for the Euros.

Work type: 

Content Production

 The strategy 

We needed to find someone to take on this challenge and build something epic. So epic that it would encourage people to forget about finding a table at their local pub and instead, opt to throw a Euros 2020 party at home. Who better than The King of DIY (& huge footie fan!), Alex Dodman, to take on this challenge? Build a 3m sized super bed with an integrated projector in your house? He’s done it. Build your own swimming pool in your back garden? He’s also done that. So when we asked Alex if he was up for taking on this challenge, with just 5 days to build, he jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Creative Concept

With the help of Robert Dyas, Alex created the ultimate Euros viewing set-up. A hot tub complete with a top of the range projector, viewing screen, bar and pergola to be exact. It was a race against the clock to get this done in time for kick-off and followers eagerly tuned in to watch as Alex documented the build. This included a 3-part IGTV series and Stories sharing his daily progress. It.was.epic!

Creative Formats

To help drive reach even further, we partnered with Alex to run a competition to win a top of the range Epsom projector. This follow-to-win mechanic was simple but nicely rounded off the activity and encouraged even more follower engagement.

 The work 

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 The Results 


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