• Owen Farrington

What you need to know about paid media effectiveness

So, I ran some ads – how’d they do? Well, that depends…What was your objective?

Before I delve into the detail of paid social and how getting your objectives right from the get-go is crucial for success, let me introduce myself. Hello, I’m Lauren, and I head up all things paid here at Bridge & Tunnel. We are led by the fundamental belief that no matter what the objective, there is a place for paid media, whether that involves sales activation, brand building, or more commonly, a combination of the two.

For the past 7 years, I’ve experienced both the good, the bad and the ugly that paid social can bring a business or brand. The effectiveness of social media can sometimes be misunderstood, miscalculated and badly reported. More often than not, this is simply the outcome of initially choosing an incorrect objective. Do you see where I’m going here? Choose the wrong objective for your campaign and your results will suffer.

Here at Bridge & Tunnel, our approach to performance advertising is simple:

  1. Advertising that creates awareness

  2. Advertising that converts

Brands tend to want to jump straight into no.2 feet first. However, to achieve this, you need to first understand the different ways you can advertise:

AWARENESS – To reach the many

Brand awareness is designed for exactly that – to ensure people are aware of your brand or campaign. Creative, copy & audiences should be built to be wide-reaching without a strong call-to-action or motive. We like to think of it like a billboard which is designed for thousands of people to see. You’d never expect someone to stop in their tracks and immediately visit your store to purchase the product or service shown, the same applies in social media.

Your KPI’s should be mapped against the upper funnel – IE Reach, Ad Recall or VTR.

CONVERSION – To reach the right few

Conversion, commonly known as ‘DR’ (Direct Response) is designed to achieve an immediate response (action) from your audience. In my experience, this is commonly confused for ‘dark’ posts on social (the ads not shown on the brands feed) but the ad’s placement is irrelevant. The objective is simple - to drive potential customers to convert on your ultimate business goal.

We like to think of it like a sales person, showing a potential customer around who is already familiar with your brand and product/service but is interested in knowing more. The best approach for Direct Response, is to create a sales funnel with your final conversion goal always in mind.

Your KPI’s mapped for lower funnel – IE Website page Landings, Leads or Purchases.

So, there you have it. A brief (and handy) guide on the basic types of paid social. Still a little puzzled?

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