What Made Our Thumb Stop? #5

With festival season kicking off, there’s no better place to start than Glasto with this week’s Thumb Stop... #AlexFromGlasto Let’s start with what's made the headlines all over the shop. 15-year-old Alex Mann, a festival-goer has become an internet sensation after rapper, known as 'Santan' Dave pulled him up on stage during his set at Glastonbury. B&T thoughts? The power of social media is evident. A couple of years ago, this would have been overlooked, but in today's world, Alex Mann has catapulted to fame and become a national hero. In the blink of an eye an ordinary person can shoot to stardom. On his own social media channels, viral fame followed, but the scale of it took everyone by surprise. Alex went from a measly ninety followers on Twitter to a staggering one hundred and forty-eight thousand followers pretty much overnight. He's now a proud owner of one hundred and seventy-five thousand followers on Instagram and you guessed it, he's verified. Alex has also revealed that he has been offered his own gigs, as well as a Boohoo contract (obviously) since his appearance on the Glastonbury stage, went viral.

With millions of views on every platform, Alex has shown how you can go from a festival-goer to an internet sensation overnight.

Was it genuine or was it staged? Let us know your thoughts! See more here

Sigrid meets crying fan girl after Twitter appeal.

Ever cried so much you got to meet your hero? No? Us neither. Well, one lucky girl got to meet her music hero, Ingrid after crying throughout her Glastonbury set. The Norwegian singer will meet Nina, 13, who was full of emotion during her Glastonbury set.

B&T thoughts?

The power of social media strikes again - this time on Twitter. After the below tweet garnered hundreds of retweets, Sigrid updated her followers shortly after letting them that she'd been found.

It is almost like police work when you think about it. Sigrid posts a tweet to her many followers with the aim of finding one person out of thousands that went to Glastonbury, and found her. All thanks to Twitter.

It's great to see social media being used like this and it just goes to show the power of social media.

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Glastonbury Festival 2019 - mobile data junkies!

The amount of mobile data used at the recent Glastonbury music festival was equivalent to that needed to post 51.5 billion pictures to Instagram, EE, the mobile operator, which is the official technology partner of the festival has revealed.

B&T thoughts?

That is A LOT of selfies.

This crazy stat comes from Marc Allera, CEO of UK network EE. Allera revealed that 103.6 terabytes of data were used between June 26 and June 30, and from more than 203,000 people at the iconic event.

This year definitely was a year of headlines and rightly so, it makes sense that many festival goers were glued to their phones. BUT, it really does make you wonder how important it is to update the world when... YOU'RE AT A FESTIVAL?!

Did you know: 103.6 terabytes of data is enough to stream video constantly for the next 875 years...

In other news: Sir David Attenborough's surprise appearance at Glastonbury was the busiest time on EE’s network. Lucky them.

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Also, a quick shoutout to Stormzy, mans still making waves.

That's all folks!



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