What Made Our Thumb Stop? #4

Cannes Lion Edition

Cannes Lions brings the creative communications industry together at its one-of-a-kind event in, you guessed it, Cannes, France. The festival explores the value of creativity in branded communication: from product and service development to the creative strategy, execution and impact. An opportunity to learn, network and celebrate, this week we’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s been hitting Cannes headlines in social media...

New York Public Library Brought Novels to Instagram

NYPL gave viewers more accessibility to read their novels with the use of Instagram Stories. And the results (growing followers by 75%) meant it was a Cannes Lion fave.

B&T thoughts?

We think Insta novels are a great idea! Although, the only downside is that if you lose your place, it would certainly be a chore to find it again. Who knows if people will be open to actually reading an entire novel on IGS but it’s a nice effort on the library’s part in modernising and bringing reading to a platform where the younger peeps are at.

To read a New York Public Library book on Instagram Story:

  1. Go to the Library's Instagram account (@nypl) and tap Part 1 of a book of your choice in the Highlights section, right under the bio.

  2. Rest your thumb on lower right part of the screen to hold the page, and lift your thumb to turn the page. (The lower right thumb holder is designed to double as a flip book: if you lift your thumb and let the pages flip, you'll see an animation.)

Read more: http://bit.ly/2ZDUeaB

Social Creative wins silver award at Cannes Lions

‘Explains a lot’ – the three words that soared the Burger King UK handle to the top – was composed by Social Creative, James Parker on just a regular day at the office.

B&T thoughts?

A little bit of sass goes a long way. For Burger King, their witty quote from James, saw them one up Kayne and take the crown for community management. If done correctly, targeting the millennial audience by being reactive and agile, can put you as a brand in a prime position for cultural conversations taking place on social. Ultimately, it’s about being timely and relevant - and your followers will take note

Burger King UK’s response to Kanye West’s love of McDonald’s is now the most-liked branded tweet of all time and James has recently won the silver award at Cannes Lions! Fair play! 👏

Read more about why community management is key in your social media strategy just here.

See more: http://bit.ly/2J0wgj9

“Go back to Africa,” is given a positive spin

FCB/SIX were honored with its very first Cannes award for ‘Go Back to Africa,’ in the Creative Data, Social Data & Insight category. The campaign also garnered a Bronze and Silver Lion.

B&T thoughts?

This campaign took the racist and derogatory phrase of “Go back to Africa,” and gave it a new, positive spin for a pan-African tourism campaign that celebrates the continent’s beauty and diversity.

The agency did an amazing job of reframing the way people think about Africa and created a platform that removes the hate surrounding the racial slur. It changed negative messages and created a new community with the power of data and contributed to the culture

A worthy winner and a campaign to be proud of.

See more: http://bit.ly/2N1bUeT

That’s all folks. See you next year for the next Cannes Lions Edition!


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