What Made Our Thumb Stop? #1

Feel good BBC

For the next five weeks, the BBC Body Positive’s Instagram account will provide insight, tips and encouragement to help everyone feel as good as you can. They are calling it the 30 day #MentalWellnessChallenge.

B&T thoughts?

Essentially, a nice, well-rounded campaign with a simple but effective message that actually feels feed friendly & social-first (without trying too hard).

BBC Body Positive’s Instagram account

It could have been irrelevant to the audience demographic, but they’ve curated a feed with simple tips with some great activists (dare we say it influencers) and more to follow.

Look out for our coverage on Mental Health Awareness, next week! 👀

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From Tinder to ASOS model

The jokes on this Tinder match…

A student who was told by a potential love interest that her dress looked "awful" is now modelling that very same outfit on ASOS.

Thea, from Lincoln, posted a tweet - showing the messages she'd received from a man on Tinder.

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And it seemed that the Twitter community got behind Thea.On Thursday, after the tweet gained 98,000 likes and 7,000 retweets, ASOS tweeted her to show they were using her photo in the image gallery on the page where the outfit was being sold.

B&T thoughts?

That’s how to reactively utilise UGC well... bravo ASOS.

Firstly, it’s relatable. ASOS’ audience is all too familiar with dating apps and the weird (and wonderful) people you can encounter on them. And secondly, it creates empathy. By helping to name and shame this Tinder user, ASOS created meaningful content that resonates with their followers.

It’s a topical subject too with the all too familiar ‘Trolling’ problem encountered by so many on social media.

Ultimately, it does something to you that makes you want to show your support. This story is something you want to share not just with your closest friend but your entire network. So, you’re welcome… enjoy.

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Pot Noodle Exam Prep

Pot Noodle launches revision powered vending machine for students. Pot Noodle are launching the “world’s first revision-powered vending machine” to help students prep for exams. The vending machine will display certified exam board questions to test students. Correct answers will award the students with free Pot Noodles packs among other prizes, including a special golden ticket entitling one lucky recipient to a year’s worth of tuition fees – winning!

B&T thoughts?

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Pot Noodle is firmly targeted at students who can't be bothered to cook. The brand's latest activation caught our eye as being very well aligned with their brand which is about fuel to keep you going through the day.

Credit to Pot Noodle to lending a helping hand for students during these stressful times with a free Pot Noodle (if they get the questions right). A good piece of brand exposure and one which Pot Noodle will hope gains loyalty from students across the country.

Although the activation is a good one, too many brands miss a trick with integrating experiential and social. Their social media platforms did not raise enough awareness and their announcement tweet gained a measly 3 retweets.

Social. Media. Is. Important.

Pot Noodle for your knowledge

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Dogs best friend

Blind staffie has his own guide dog who never leaves his side.Amos was born blind at a rescue centre and struggled to find a family. It was love at first sight for Jess Martin who adopted him in August last year.Jess was initially wary of how her border terrier, Toby, would take to his new brother, but, the pair quickly became very good friends and Toby is now Amos' unofficial guide dog.

B&T thoughts?

Ok, we threw this one in here because who doesn’t like a dog story? And a blind dog at that. This story tugged at our heartstrings. We think that more people should be like Toby. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Best friends

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