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Taking time to pause and peace out. Some tips...

It's the 10th October which is World Mental Health Day. This year, we want to encourage you to PAUSE.We totally get it can be a hard thing to do in such a crowded, cluttered and let’s be honest completely over-stimulated world. What does PAUSE sound like?











As a society we’ve come a long way in raising awareness around mental health. It feels like it’s no longer a taboo subject and we are continually working to stamp out the stigma. But it’s important to remember whilst awareness raises attention, action facilitates change. So what does taking action look like and how can we facilitate ‘actions’ that lead to progress? We’ve pulled together some simple but effective suggestions below.

Mindful Giving

We’ve seen a real rise in subscription boxes, there are some really lovely ones out there to remind someone they are awesome. The Blurt Foundation and Mind offer fantastic subscription boxes to send to anyone (or yourself!). These great boxes not only help some fantastic charities in supporting people live their best life they serve as little boxes of joy at purse-friendly prices too!

The Blurt Foundation - Buddy Box

Mind - Pause Box


It might be a cliched one, but volunteering does allow us to do something to give back and feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. It also serves as an opportunity to meet new and interesting people as stories and experiences are what connect us, making us human. One of the most refreshing things about volunteering is that it also allows us to gain new perspectives.

There are so many different types of volunteering from community-based to charity based, but we appreciate that finding the time can be a challenge. The trick here is finding something that works with your schedule and being open to trying new things. We’ve listed some great options below that are super flexible and cover everything from tackling food poverty to supporting an elderly person in need of some company.

  • Bags of Taste - A UK wide collective tackling food poverty by providing ingredients, portioned meals, cooking demos and recipes.

  • Hands on London - A London based community volunteering initiative covering everything from supporting the homeless to planting trees.

  • Good Gym - A UK wide community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good.

Wellness Weekends

Now, this really doesn’t need to be an £800 getaway to the Cotswolds where you’re paying for colonics, raw food and holistic healing (although I’m not knocking these because they can be good!).

A wellness weekend can take the form of creating space for yourself to PAUSE. The key here is to choose activities that feed and nurture your soul. Fill your weekend with drinking lemon and mint tea instead of G&T's (lol), organise an outdoor walk with friends (instead of staying in a bar until 3am), switch off all technology and read under a blanket (instead of binging on Netflix) or try your hand at baking banana bread (instead of ordering takeout). It’s about making positive and healthy choices that make you feel good and with a little creativity, they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg either.

This is what your very own wellness weekend could look like...

And... relax.

Pause & Peace Out!

Ayesha x

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