Secret Crush: is it a match for you? ❤️

Last month, Snapchat announced their planned integration with dating app Tinder and now it seems Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon. Facebook rolled out their in-app dating service late last year with a select few countries. At the recent F8 conference, Zuckerberg announced its expanding with further countries as well as adding a few new features along the way. Cue, Secret Crush.

Secret Crush, in theory, could help you find romance with that friend or friend-of-a-friend that you’ve been crushing on for the last century. You pick nine friends to add to your crush list, they’ll receive an anonymous notification and if you also tickle their fancy, you’ll match! Kind of like any other dating app, except it works exclusively with your friends. It’s a no brainer really. Most dating apps already have an integration with the platform and users have the opportunity to feature their ‘gram on their profile. Secret Crush is just a way to cut out the middleman. And it’s a sensible move since research claims that Facebook will have nearly 5 billion dead users by 2100. Cementing the future further in the dating world is an opportunity for the platform to re-engage users by perhaps restoring it back to its former purpose - an online community for students. Rather than a “town square” as Zuckerberg admitted it had become. In other words, a platform for strangers to rant about the latest state of affairs. But what if we told you that dating isn’t a new thing for Facebook? Does Facebook’s ‘Ask’ button ring any bells? Well back in 2014 on release, it seemed to leave users very confused as to what Facebook’s true intentions were. Co-Founder of Bridge & Tunnel, Owen Farrington, was interviewed on this new feature for Campaign Live (which you can read just here) and gave his opinion on why there might be a need for this button in the world of advertising.

Owen explained, “the logical reason for the update is down to consumer data. Data wags the Facebook dog, plain and simple.” Amen. And we’d say that reason still very much remains. At F8, Zuckerberg teased the idea that for Facebook, the ‘future is private’. But surely, as Facebook dive deeper into the dating pond, this is just another ploy to dish some more data on their users?


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