Moving from consideration to purchase


New Balance launched a new product line on Facebook & Instagram using a mixture of video ads, photo ads in carousel format and dynamic ads to attract more shoppers of their Virgin Money London Marathon Apparel Range, resulting in an 11.28X return on ad spend.


return on online ad spend


lift in sales YOY


campaign video views


35 years and counting...

In their second year as footwear and kit sponsors of the Virgin Money London Marathon, New Balance were keen to build on the relationship that dates back to the 80’s, when New Balance first became the footwear and kit sponsor of arguably the world’s most iconic Marathon.


Both brands share many of the core values and guiding principles that have defined New Balance over the years and the partnership reinforces New Balance’s position as a leading global running and sportswear brand.


Launching a kit for Marathon training

To coincide with the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon ballot draw, New Balance wanted to raise awareness of their sponsorship whilst simultaneously increasing product consideration and purchase intent for their 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon Acceptance Range; kit produced to support runners through their Marathon training.


Guiding the path to purchase

The official “hero” London Marathon campaign titled ‘120 days’ was not planned to launch until early 2019, so the London Marathon Acceptance Range launch was a forerunner campaign to build sponsorship awareness and drive product sales during a key period in a Marathon runners’ training journey.


Our performance-focused strategy was to create a phased social media campaign to launch the new kit in October 2018. With sequenced messaging and targeting, our content would take potential customers through a “what, why, where” progression from awareness through consideration to purchase. New Balance wanted to showcase the product range and drive sales directly through

​Bridge & Tunnel filmed and produced a series of format-first video ads to introduce the new products and branding, targeting a broad audience using reach and frequency buying to maximize video views.


By selecting reach and frequency, New Balance allowed Facebook to optimize the number of times it showed the ads to ensure the largest potential audience.


For the second and third phases, the marketing team used Custom Audiences to re-engage with people who had viewed videos in early phases, as well as lookalike audiences to reach out to people similar to those who had purchased New Balance in the past.


The third and final phase built on the previous branding and product introduction stages and completed the sequence with a call to action promoting online purchases. The team found retargeting ads to people who had seen its video and instant experience yielded better results than all other targeting, proving the value of building interest and purchase intent over time with engaging storytelling.


What, Why & Where


The creative and paid performance team worked together to produce a campaign that would be distributed across a range of unique channel formats; Instagram Stories, Facebook Carousel & Facebook Collection. Creative considerations were made to ensure that mobile and ad format specifications were factored into the entire creative process, from ideation through to pre-production. Thus ensuring that we capture viewers’ attention in the first few seconds, introducing the product and brand name.


In phase one, the “what” phase, 15s video ads featuring New Balance athlete Guy Learmonth were distributed across Instagram Stories and as vertical in-feed ads. Each video began with tight framing to capture audience attention whilst quickly landing key product and branding in the first few seconds.


The second phase focused on “why” people should purchase these products: cutting-edge technology, key features and colour options. The team used multiple carousel formats, which made it easy to highlight multiple product features. 5s videos were produced as the first carousel visual with product details shown in stills as a viewer scrolled through.


Finally, in phase 3, the “where” phase, the team built on the engaging storytelling with a video in the collection ad format for the final call to action, driving traffic to the online store make a purchase.


A Perfect Balance

New Balance’s sequenced campaign brought customers from awareness through consideration to purchase. The results speak for themselves:


  • 11.28X return on ad spend

  • 420% lift in sales year on year

  • 22,261,015.00 Impressions

  • 53,621 Clicks

  • 1,559,690 Video Views​

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