Taking the lead with lead generation

 The brief 

As apparel and footwear sponsors of the Virgin Money London Marathon, New Balance are constantly looking for different ways and opportunities to increase their reach within the global running audience. Our brief was to leverage a very unique moment in the VMLM campaign cycle, the ballot announcement. Long after the ballot entry has closed, runners from all around the globe wait in anticipation for the ballot announcement day. A lucky few will be ecstatic at getting a place in the race, while the vast majority will be sorely disappointed at missing out. New Balance identified this moment as a unique opportunity to launch a competition of their own where 5 runners could win, amongst a host of other prizes, the chance to run the VMLM courtesy of New Balance.

Work type: 

Paid Social Advertising

 The strategy 

Bridge & Tunnel were briefed to use this moment to target and grow the brand’s core running audience database. Our response was to devise a highly targeted CRM campaign that would deliver a high volume of potential future customers to New Balance. The resulting customer list created would allow us to retarget a narrower and more precise audience for future New Balance marathon campaigns and other running performance ad campaigns.


In order to achieve the highest volume of leads in the most efficient way, we launched a lead generation campaign on Facebook and Instagram to promote the competition. To ensure our campaign was successful, we needed to reach people who not only wanted to run the London marathon but would also have strong potential to become future New Balance customers. To do this we researched audience interests, behaviours and demographics and dug into the data to create a unique New Balance Marathon audience profile. Using this core profile we were then quickly able to generate a series of highly targeted custom audiences from which to create and target ads that would help deliver the quality customer list we wanted.

Creative Variants

Alongside the format tests, we also ran a creative and copy test to ensure the content of the ads were also optimised to perform. Each ad format was built with two sets of imagery and copy lines so that we could establish the winning format, image and copy for our CRM campaign.

Format Testing

We decided to test two different CRM signup mechanics: A lead generation form versus a website signup ad. We ran an A/B split test where one ad drove applicants to a lead generation form and the other drove to the New Balance website to sign up. The goal of the test was straightforward, to assess which test would generate the highest number of sign-ups in the most cost-efficient way. The results from the test showed that the website sign up form achieved a greater sign up by 15.2% over the lead generation form. Although both ads performed exceptionally well for a ballot entry competition, the website sign-ups format proved to be the more popular choice due to the public having greater trust in the New Balance website over the native Facebook lead gen form.


 The Results 


Competition Sign Ups


Post engagements


CPA (compared to the industry average of £7)


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