Social Content Production

 The brief 

Eurail is known across the world as the favoured booking platform for intercountry train travel across Europe. With a growing number of travellers looking for alternative transport to flying and an increase in booking platform competition, Eurail wanted to launch a campaign to increase consideration of the brand amongst travellers looking to book their Summer and Winter 2020 European holidays. We asked to deliver a paid-social creative campaign to champion European train travel and position the brand at the heart of this unique travel experience. The primary objective was to increase bookings through the Eurail website through a full-funnel paid social campaign.

Work type: 

Content Production

 The strategy 

On first look at this brief we immediately got lost in a sea of travel social media cliches. But after hours of scrolling and swiping through over-posed travel selfies, insta-famous landmarks and meandering vlogs it soon became clear that we needed to lose the baggage (pun intended) surrounding the word “travel”. We needed to think beyond the endless Instagram travel tropes and instead, focus on the uniqueness of the train experience; the sounds, the motion, the views, the space and the endless destinations. The emotive details that make travelling by train different to any other form of transport.

Creative Concept

Through our creative concept ‘Trainfulness’ our aim was to show that travelling with Eurail is a liberating and inspiring experience. The kind of experience that is impossible to achieve if dealing with the stress of flying or the hassle of driving. We wanted to show that Eurail journeys enable limitless opportunities and experiences unique to each traveller by going against the grain and keeping our storyline free from ‘heroes’ to allow the viewer to connect and feel inspired by Eurail without drawing comparison between themselves and strangers on screen.

Creative Formats

As a social-first campaign we began by setting some ‘best-practice’ guidelines as a framework for creative and production; duration, aspect ratios, composition, pacing, sound design and perspective. Not only did we need to produce content to meet the specifications of different ad formats, but it was important that we were able to visually stand apart from cliched travel content that clutters people’s feeds without feeling disconnected from the channels people would be watching it in. To do that we employed a number of visual framing and composition techniques more familiar to social content, that became a consistent thread used across all of the campaign films.

 The work 


 The Results 


More landing page views


More link clicks


 Lower cost per click


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