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 The brief 

Ace & Tate came to us needing help to define a social media and content strategy so that multiple teams within their marketing department could feel empowered to approach social media planning, content and distribution with more clarity and a stronger strategic focus.

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 The strategy 

As a relatively young and trendy brand, Ace & Tate were already using social media to nurture community, build their brand and drive revenue. Individually, many of their social media activities were great but collectively it appeared scattergun and wasn’t delivering on its potential. Our goal was to create a central framework that successfully brought all their goals and ambitions together into a cohesive and powerful strategy. To do this, we used our tried and tested Social Media Framework method:

The Audit

In order to give ourselves the proper foundation from which to build a meaningful and effective strategy, we first had to audit and contextualise all the research and data available. In order to give ourselves the proper foundation from which to build a meaningful and effective strategy, we first had to audit and contextualise all the research and data available. We use up to 15 different tools to look at audience data, category/sector/industry data and, finally, the client's own proprietary data. The output from this stage helped us to gain a deeper understanding while also help us identify the challenges that might inhibit success and any clear paths of opportunity that were being missed.

The Workshop

We brought together all key marketing stakeholders to take part in a creative workshop. The aim was to explore content opportunities across a range of marketing channels that would drive interest and engagement with the brand’s core audience. The output was a series of creative clusters that went on to aid the development of a clear set of brand content themes.

The Interviews

During the first of the post-audit phases, Bridge & Tunnel facilitated a number of team immersion sessions where we dug deep into the processes of how each team plans, produces and shares content. The challenges and opportunities that surfaced during those sessions become key inputs into the strategic framework.

The Output

After defining creative content themes for Ace & Tate, we finalised the framework by providing guidelines and best-practice tools for content dissemination across multiple channels, outlining solutions on how to measure the performance of the content and the channels, as well as suggesting additional opportunities to explore in the long term.

 The work 


 The Results 


YOY increase in Social Media Conversion Rate


YOY increase in revenue from Social Media 


MoM average increase in followers

What they said

"Bridge & Tunnel brought back trust to a few sceptics among us on the value of agencies. They make an effort to really understand not just your brand, but your team and the challenges they face in order to personalise the service they offer and the recommendations they make”

Carrier Grey

Senior Brand Manager, Ace & Tate


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